Company Overview

AUA Solutions is an IT Enabled offshore outsourcing firm providing back office software consultancy & B2B data processing services to clients worldwide operating in different industry verticals. Our service offerings include but are not limited to: online data collection and information provision, targeted email & contact list development, demand lead generation, software digitization & data entry, data cleansing and verification, CRM maintenance, data append & enrichment, database phone validation, data conversion, as well as other web-based back office data functions that support and complement the sales, marketing, admin, compliance and recruiting efforts of our clients. We employ a large pool of highly qualified and experienced IT, Marketing, Business and Data Mining professionals spread across multiple divisions and high powered teams operating from our technologically equipped data facility in Karachi, Pakistan.


Message From CEO

I believe in working closely with our clients to understand their business model, environment and objectives, for us to be able to offer customer centric services in line with a tight knit corporate philosophy that starts and ends with high quality client deliverables. From our lowest level employee to the most senior consultant, we work as a team to offer deliverables that form the fundamentals of our existence, and the reason for our past and future success.



To maximize business possibilities for our customers by providing innovative and cost-effective technology-enabled solutions that increase focus on core business, unlock new and create sustainable competitive advantages for the enterprise.



We have well-defined goals at both managerial and tactical levels with prescribed targets, deadlines and quality benchmarks. Our common organizational goal is to provide exceptional deliverables to our clients with quick turn-around, outstanding quality, and optimal cost.



We believe our people are the most important ingredient that helps our clients achieve their performance goals. Hence, we commit ourselves to select, educate, and motivate our human capital to bring operational excellence into your business processes


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Clients Served


Employee Size


Job Success


Client Ratings

Prospect List Building

  • Targeted B2B Contact Lists
  • Web based Prospect LeadGen
  • Candidate Sourcing & Recruitment
  • Data Append on Companies Lists
  • CRM Cleansing & Verification

Data Processing

  • Data Enrichment & Population
  • Data Entry & Conversion
  • Online Data Collection
  • Forms Processing & Conversion
  • Back Office VA / Admin Support

Software Consultancy

  • Software Customization
  • Software Digitization
  • Remote Database Management
  • Database Phone Validation
  • Project Management

Data Philosophy

We understand the ever evolving need for high quality CRM data which is constantly getting outdated because of the changes in human individual and corporate behavior. People change jobs, get promoted, get laid off, merge companies, or change their web domain or office space. All of this erases the value of your data lying in expensive hardware and software. We at AUA Solutions, focus our People-as-a-Service strategy to continuously enrich your existing data as well as add new leads customized to your business needs on ad hoc and ongoing basis. We have well defined data mining strategies, sources, tools and procedures that we follow. Below please find some details of the services we offer:


We work with the C level executives of small to medium sized businesses, marketing agencies as well as sales professionals of organizations worldwide providing them on-demand B2B data, targeted contact lists and data management services. Additionally, we provide candidate sourcing support to recruitment & executive search firms. All our work is done in-house under our direct supervision, and we never sub-let or sub-outsource and neither do we use software or scripts for data collection. Our data processors and analysts have years of expertise in targeted list development, data entry, data harvesting, typing, phone validation, manually data mining the web and digging out information from associations, societies, forums, online directories, company websites as well as people directories. We manually scrape the web using various googling techniques to dig out information hidden in layers of web pages.


For any new project we deploy our best resources immediately if needed and we use company lists provided by client or the criteria they give along with company and/or industry association websites, online directories, our premium Linkedin (Recruiter & Sales Navigator) and accounts and other web sources to data mine and deliver a fresh, clean and highly targeted contact list mined by human professionals rather than a readymade outdated list put together by some software. We data mine the emails from Google and company websites, and if not found we will look for company email patterns and domains, then intelligently create the emails and test them manually and wait for results. We will fix or remove all bad emails before final delivery.

Quality Assurance

All data processing, data validation and datamining jobs go thru a rigorous QA treatment at AUA Solutions. Every deliverable is quality checked at 3-5 different levels and stages going from data processor to team leader to QA division to project manager and then client relationship manager who does the final delivery. Data is checked for consistency, validity, formatting, spelling, email deliverability and authenticity of the source. We guarantee 93% or better email deliverability via manual sending process or provide free replacements (we do not guarantee results on web based email marketing software or validation tools as their results could be misleading at times).



Client Demographics

Our clientele ranges from small startups to large Fortune 1000 companies mainly from US but also from Canada, Australia and various European countries. These clients belong to various different industries including sales and marketing consulting, management consulting, healthcare, information services, executive search & recruitment, internet businesses, environmental, education, energy, mining, media and telecom, and others that have B2B data collection and data processing needs for own use as well as for their end-user customers.

Value Proposition to Clients

At AUA Solutions, our value proposition to clients is focused towards building strong relationships with them. We work with our clients as an independent service provider, as well as an operations partner providing on-going IT and outsourced business data services yielding following value addition benefits to their businesses:

  • Cost Savings (50%-75%)
  • Higher Quality
  • Enhanced Capability
  • Risk Management
  • Time Saving
  • Decision Making

Client Privacy

We respect and protect client confidentiality to the utmost degree. We commit ourselves to safeguard and protect the intellectual property of our clients. We ensure the privacy of our clients and their data, records, information and knowledge base; whether created by, managed by, or shared by AUA Solutions. We believe in adhering to appropriate codes of conduct in relation to objectively and fairly researching, using, and managing our clients’ proprietary information. Our global clients feel secure and comfortable having AUA as their data managers.


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Whether you are looking to source quality email list for your next campaign, customize your software, clean up your old CRM database, or looking to source the ideal candidate for a senior position; AUA Solutions has the right mix of resources and experience to handle your need professionally right away, without you having to worry about the hassle and towering costs.

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